SonicWall: How to configure SD-WAN to routing VoIP service on SonicWall firewall


The article explains how to configure the SD-WAN feature on the SonicWall firewall device to route the desired service to the WAN we want.

The article will guide you to route the VoIP service with port 5060

The article was made on a SonicWall NSv 270 device with SonicOSX version 7.0.1

Steps of configuration

  1. Create SD-WAN Group
  2. Create SLA Probes
  3. Create Path Selection Profiles
  4. Create SD-WAN Rule

How to configure

Create SD-WAN Group

  • Login to SonicWall firewall by Admin account
  • Go to NETWORK -> Choose SDWAN -> Choose Groups -> Click Add
  • Enter name for SD-WAN Group
  • Choose WAN Interfaces that you want or choose 1 WAN interface that you want
  • Click Add
  • Create SD-WAN Group successfully

Create SLA Probes

  • Go to SLA Probes -> Click Add
  • Enter name for SLA Probes
  • In SD-WAN Group: Choose SD-WAN Group that you was created before
  • In Probe Target: Create Google
  • In Probe Type: Choose Ping-Explicit Route
  • Keep the rest of the parameters according to your needs
  • Click Add

Create Path Selection Profiles

  • Go to Path Selection Profiles -> Click Add
  • Enter name for Path Selection Profile
  • In SD-WAN Group: Choose Group that was created before
  • In SLA Probe: Choose Probe that was created before
  • In SLA Class Object: Choose latency that you want
  • In Backup Interface: Choose None or WAN backup interface that you want
  • Click Save

Create SD-WAN Rule

  • Go to Rules -> Click Add SDWAN Rule
  • Enter name for SD-WAN Rule
  • In Source: Choose LAN Subnets
  • In Destination: Choose Any
  • In Path Profile: Choose SDWAN Profile
  • Choose Service
  • In Service Object: Choose VoIP service
  • Click Add

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