Creating a demo account and deploying Withsecure Endpoint software to users using GPO the instruction

1 Overview

WithSecure Endpoint is software that helps protect users’ computers and servers from threats of ransomware, viruses, malware.. In addition to the above features, Withsecure also supports EDR feature to help automatically respond to threats. Today thegioifirewall will guide you how to create a trial and install the Withsecure endpoint software on users’ computers through GPO.

Agent installed devices will be managed in the cloud of Withsecure

Here I will deploy the software to the computers and we will deploy it on the Windows Domain controller system.

2 Configuration

The steps are as follows:

– Create a trial account Withsecure

– Download the installer and add Subscription to the installation package

– Deploy software installation on user’s machine.

2.1 Create a trial account

We access the following link and create an account

Click Free 30 day trial

Fill in the necessary information to create an account.

2.2 Create endpoint setup file

After creating an account, go to Log in with the information in the account creation step.

Access the Downloads section to get the installation file. Select the corresponding version, here I choose msi to deploy on the user machine using GPO

Then go to the Subscription section. Select the copy licence we want to use.

We download the tool to add Subscription to the installation file at the following Link

After downloading the tool, we launch it and choose the location of the installation file downloaded earlier. Click next.

Select Voucher and enter the Subscription key just now and select next.

Select the path to save the installation file and click Generate. So we have the installation file with the licence.

2.3 Install endpoint on user machine using GPO

On the server, we create a shared folder and assign directory permissions to store the installation files

Then we create the GPO that deploys to the user machine

Select the path containing the installation file that we assigned the license to earlier.

After completion, we wait for the installation process on the user’s computer to complete

At the user machine, the software has been installed and displays the icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

So we have configured and deployed the Withsecure Endpoint software to the user’s machine through the GPO.

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