Instructions to block USB on With Secure Endpoint

1 overview

Blocking USB is one of the important features of With Secure that allows you to restrict users from plugging in virus-containing devices into corporate computers as well as copying important data out. Here, I will guide you to configure the USB blocking feature on With Secure’s Endpoint.

2 Steps to take

The steps are as follows:

– Create a Profile and apply a policy to block that USB profile

– Apply the profile to the devices you want to block

We proceed with the steps.

We go to Profiles >> select Create Profile to create a new profile. There are sections for windows computer, server, mac… we choose Windows computer to create a profile for windows computer

Enter a name and description for this profile

Switch to Device Control section. We enable the Device Control feature

Scroll down to the USB section. We choose Block. Then click Save.

Then proceed to apply this profile to the devices. Go to the Devices section. Select the device and select Assign

Select the profile we just created and click Assign

To test use case. Then at the endpoint we choose Updates >> Check now to immediately update the profile to the endpoint

We proceed to plug the USB into the machine and the following message will appear. The endpoint will also show information that the USB has been blocked.

So we have successfully configured USB blocking on With Secure Endpoint

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