SonicWall: How to add AD Server to SonicWall firewall and configure firewall rule with user domain


The article shows how to configure the add AD server to the SonicWall firewall device to synchronize user domains and use the user domain to create firewall rules for the system.


How to configure

  • Login to SonicWall firewall by Admin account
  • Go to DEVICE -> Choose Users -> Choose Settings
  • In User authentication method: Choose LDAP + Local Users
  • In Configure LDAP: Click Configure
  • Click Add Server
  • Go to Settings tab
  • In Role: Choose Primary LDAP server
  • In Name or IP Address: Enter AD Server’s IP address
  • In Port Number: Choose Default LDAP port (389)
  • Go to Login/Bind tab
  • Choose Give login name/location in tree
  • In Login user name: Enter administrator
  • In User tree for login to server: Enter domain/Users format
  • In Password: Enter administrator’s password
  • In When referred to other server: Choose Bind with this account
  • Go to Schema tab
  • In LDAP Schema: Choose Microsoft Active Directory
  • Go to Directory tab
  • In Primary domain: Enter your domain
  • Click Save
  • Connect with AD server successfully
  • Go to DEVICE -> Choose Users -> Choose Local Users & Groups
  • In Local Users tab -> Click Import from LDAP
  • Choose users that you want
  • Move to Local Groups -> Click Import LDAP
  • Click OK
  • Choose Groups that you want -> Click Save Selected
  • Then we can create firewall rules by user or group domain

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