VMware: How to add VMware ESXi Host to vCenter 7.0


VMware vCenter is a database application that enables easy deployment, management, monitoring, automation and security of virtualized infrastructure

The article is deploy on VMware vCenter 7.0

How to configure

Install vCenter Server 7.0

  • If you do not know how to install vCenter Server 7.0, please refer to this article

Add VMware ESXi host to vCenter Server 7.0

  • Login to vCenter by Administrator account
  • Click in Menu icon -> Choose Home
  • Choose Hosts and Clusters
  • Right click in vCenter -> Choose New Datacenter
  • Enter name for Datacenter -> Click OK
  • Right click to Datacenter that was created before -> Choose Add Host
  • Enter the IP address of VMware ESXi host -> Click NEXT
  • Enter user name and password of VMware ESXi host management account (root account) -> Click NEXT
  • Click YES
  • Click YES
  • Click YES
  • In Lockdown mode choose Disabled -> Click NEXT
  • Click NEXT
  • Click FINISH
  • Check the connection between vCenter Server and VMware ESXi host

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