VMware: How to backup vCenter 7.0 system


The article guides to backup VMware vCenter system to save the configuration for the management system

The article was done on VMware vCenter 7.0

How to configure

  • Access to vCenter Server Management using link https://vCenter_IP_address:5480
  • Login to vCenter Server Management by root account
  • Go to Backup -> Choose CONFIGURE
  • In Backup location: Enter the path to access the storage
  • In Backup server credentials: Enter user name and password of backup account
  • In Schedule: Choose backup time schedule
  • In Encrypt backup: Enter backup file encryption’s password
  • In DB Health Check: Choose Disable
  • In Number of backups to retain: Choose the number of backup file to keep
  • In Data: Choose Stats, Events, and Tasks
  • Click CREATE
  • The backup process
  • Check the vCenter backup file
  • If there is error

Invalid vCenter Server Status: All required services are not up! Stopped services: ‘vmware-postgres-archiver’.

=> Go to Services -> Find and choose the services that was stopped -> Click START

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