VMware: How to create Alarm to warn on vCenter


The article instructs to configure alarm creation to warn administrators when there is a problem with 1 machine in the system

The article guides to create a warning for the event that 1 machine exceeds the allowed CPU

How to configure

  • Login to vCenter by Administrator account
  • Go to Hosts and Clusters
  • Right click to the virtual machine that you want to create alarm -> Choose Alarm -> Choose New Alarm Definition
  • Enter name for Alarm
  • In Target type: Choose Virtual Machine
  • Click Next
  • Here I set the condition that CPU usage exceeds 50% within 30 seconds, then a warning will be displayed
  • Click Next
  • In Reset Rule: Choose Normal
  • Click Next
  • Choose Enable this alarm
  • Click Create
  • Here I try to use the machine to exceed 50% CPU to check the result

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