Sophos firewall v19: How to configure SD-WAN on Sophos firewall to routing O365 application as wished


The article guides us to configure the SD-WAN feature on the Sophos firewall device, with the Sophos firewall’s SD-WAN feature to help us easily customize routing by service, by application, by profile, by SLA, … as desired

The article was made on the device Sophos firewall version 19

How to configure

  • Login to Sophos firewall by Admin account
  • Go to Routing -> Choose SD-WAN profiles -> Click Add
  • Enter name for profile
  • In Gateways: Choose WAN interface that you want to routing O365 application
  • Tick in SLA to enable checking the stability of transmission line
  • In SLA strategy: You can choose Best quality to choose the best route for routing or you can choose Custom SLA according to your needs
  • In Best quality (if you choose Base quality in SLA strategy): Choose parameters to check the stability of the transmission line
  • In Custom SLA (if you choose Custom SLA in SLA strategy): Adjust parameters according to your needs or use Recommend SLA values
  • Health check will automatically enabled when you use SLA
  • In Protocol: Choose health check way
  • In Probe target: Enter IP address that you want to use to check health check
  • Click Save
  • Go to SD-WAN routes -> Click Add
  • Enter name for route policy
  • In Incoming: Choose Any
  • In Source networks: Choose Any or object that you want to use
  • In Destination networks: Choose Any or object that you want to use
  • In Services: Choose Any
  • In Application object: Click Add and choose O365 application
  • In User and groups: Choose Any or object that you want to use
  • Choose Select SD-WAN profile if you want to use profile that you was created before or choose Primary and Backup gateways if you do not want to use profile
  • Click Save

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