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Requiring browser cookies to be enabled seems to be a standard for every website nowadays. We do too.

Beside the fact that some built-in functions of this website require cookies like login. We’d like to let you know that advertising programs like Adsense also use cookies to track visitors.

If your don’t want to enable cookies, it’s also be fine for you just to read the articles.


We’re committed to the policy that: we never share your email with any third parties. Your email is only be used for one purpose: communication between you and us, for example: to notify related comments, login details…

More Stuff

Other 3rd-party services to serve ads or collect anonymous information when your visit our website are allowed. We make sure that these services only use non-personally identifiable information, like: browser type, subject of advertisement clicked, clicking count… Their final purpose is to provide the most relevant advertisement to you. Cookies or 3rd-party web beacon is usually used. You can learn more about this at

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