Sophos XG: Configuring Client-to-Site SSL VPN (Remote Access)

This guide describes step by step the configuration of a remote access to the XG by SSL protocol.

Support: Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS, Android.

Log in with administrator privileges

Step 1: Defining user

  • Go to Objects > Identity > Users. You can create user or synchronized from AD Server.

Step 2: SSL VPN Settings

  • Go to System > VPN > SSL VPN Settings
  • You can review or reconfig some parameter:Protocol: TCP/UDP, SSL Certificate, IPv4/v6, hostname, cryptographic …

Step 3: Configuring SSL VPN (Remote Access)

  • Go to System > VPN > SSL VPN (Remote Access)
  • Choose your name and policy member who can use SSL VPN
  • Defining Tunnel Access (Gateway, Permitted Network)

Step 3: Enable UserPortal

  • Go to System > Administration > Device Access 
  • Active User Portal in WAN zone

Step 4: Setup and connect from client PC

  • Go to User Portal with member is permitted
  • Download and setup SSL client
  • Connect with user above

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