Visio stencil for Check Point Appliance update 08-2014

This is IT industry Visio collections for IT Team easier to download. All of these collection is copyrighted to its respective owner, and is not the property of Techbast.

Some network diagram is made by Techbast, and you can download to use it for free in commercial.

If you need any further information please don’t hesitate contact us at info[a]

Stencil Included

IP280 3D(HiRES)
IP290 3D(HiRES)
IP390 3D (LoRES)
IP560-font only
IP1280/2450 FRONT ONLY
IP1280/2450 3D (LoRES)
IP Module -2x 1Gb T
IP Module – 1280/2450 DISK
IP Module – 1280/2450 PMC Carrier
IP Module – 4x 1X XMC
IP Module – 4x 1Gb T
IP Module – 2X 10G SFP
IP Module – 4x Gb SFP
IP Module – ADP 12x Gb SFP
IP Module – ADP 12X Gb T
IP Module – ADP 10G
Power-1 5070 3D (LoRES)
Power-1 9070 3D (LoRES)
Power-1 9070 3D (HiRES) POPULATED
Power-1 11000 3D (HiRES – Populated)
Power-1 11000 3D (LoRES)
Power-1 Module 2x 10g (LoRES)
Power-1 Module 4x 1G Fiber (LoRES)
Power-1 Module 4x 1 Gig (LoRES)
UTM-1 130 3D (LoRES)
UTM-1 270 3D (LoRES)
UTM-1 570 3D (LoRES)
UTM-1 570 3D (HiRES)
UTM-1 1070 3D (HiRES)
UTM-1 2070 3D (HiRES)
UTM-1 3070 3D (HiRES)
UTM-1 Edge NW ADSL (Back)
UTM-1 Edge NW ADSL (Front)
UTM-1 Edge N ADSL (Back)
UTM-1 Edge N ADSL (Front)
UTM-1 Edge NW (Back)
UTM-1 Edge NW (Front)
UTM-1 Edge N (Back)
UTM-1 Edge N (Front)
SG6100 (Telkor Chassis – full)
SG61000 (Lambda Chassis – full)
SG61000 (Lambda Chassis – Empty)
SG41000 (populated)
SG41000 (empty)
41K/61K SGM260
41K/61K SSM160
Crossbeam x20
Crossbeam x30
Crossbeam x45
Crossbeam x60
Crossbeam x80
Crossbeam X-80
Crossbeam x80-S
Crossbeam CPM
Crossbeam APM
Crossbeam NPM-8650
Crossbeam NPM-8620
Crossbeam NPM-90×0
Smart-1 5
Smart-1 25
Smart-1 25b
Smart-1 50
Smart-1 150
Smart-1 210
Smart-1 3050
Smart-1 225
Smart-1 3150
Smart-1 205
SG1100 (Front)
SG1100 (Rear)
SG1100 Wireless (Front)
SG1100 Wireless (Back)
SG 2200
SG 4200
SG 4400
SG 4600
SG 4800
SG 12200
SG 12400
SG 12600
SG 13500/13800
SG 8x 1G Module
SG 4x 1G Module
SG 2x 10G Module
SG 4x 10G Module
21400 Appliance
21600 Appliance
21700/21800 Appliance
SG21000 1G Copper Module
SG21000 1G SFP Module
SG2100 10G Accelebration Ready Card
DDOS x06 Appliance
DDOS X412 Appliance


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