Sophos XG: Instructions for configuring GRE Tunnel to connect two sites

What is GRE VPN ?

GRE is the first protocol developed by Cisco, which will encapsulate some types of packets inside IP Tunneles to form connection points. A Tunnel is used when sending packets from one network to another or through an unsecured network

This article will guide you to set up GRE Tunnel between two sites of a company

How to configure

The article will be configured according to the following diagram

Step 1: Open the console of Sophos XG Firewall

Connect to console configuration interface of the firewall device

  • You can use console ports and putty software to access or log into the Sophos XG device to open the console interface
  • Here, I will log into the XG device and open the console interface
  • Login to XG with Admin account
  • In the right corner of the interface, admin section, click on the drop down menu -> Choose Console
  • Log in with Admin account
  • Enter number 4 to enter the console mode

Step 2: Creating a GRE Tunnel connection

  • Tunneling command: console > system gre tunnel add name gre1 local-gw Port2 remote-gw local-ip remote-ip
  • Local-gw: Select the WAN port of the XG device
  • Remote-gw: Enter the WAN IP of the other site
  • Local-ip: Set IP for Tunnel as desired
  • Remote-ip: Set IP for Tunnal as desired

Step 3: Creating routing to connect between 2 sites

  • The routing command: console > system gre route add net tunnelname gre1
  • With Network is the network layer you want to route to
  • Tunnel name: Select the correct GRE Tunnel name you created

-> Press Enter

** You can check GRE Tunnel configuration information with the command:

console > system gre tunnel show

console > system gre route show

Step 4: Creating a firewall rule to allow connection via GRE VPN

  • Firewall -> Click Add Firewall rule -> User/network rule
  • Here we will create two allowable rules: VPN – LAN and LAN – VPN
  • In the first rule: Allow connection form VPN to LAN
  • In Source zones: Choose VPN
  • In Source networks and devices: Select Any
  • Destination zones: Select LAN
  • Destination networks: Select Any or the LAN layer you want

-> Click Save

  • In the second rule: Allow connecting form the LAN to the other ite using VPN
  • In Source zones: Select LAN
  • In Source networks and devices: Select Any or the LAN layer you want
  • Destination zones: Choose VPN
  • Destination networks: Select Any

-> Click Save

-> Finish, test ping between the two sites and perform tracert to check the path of the packet

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