Windows Server: Hide shared folders from those who do not have permissions


When a user opens some shared network folder, SMB displays a full list of files and folders on it (of course only if user have permission to access share). To hide the folder that user does not have permission and wish them only can see on their folder. Access Based Enumeration (ABE) allows you to hide specific files and folders for a user who don’t have access permission

How to configure

  • As mentioned above, User A or User B access to a shared network folder, SMB will display a full list of folders and files
  • Try click to the Purchasing folder that User A does not have permission, you will prompt an error
  • Enable Access-Based Enumeration
  • Server Manager -> File and Storage Service -> Shares -> Right mouse in the Shared_Docs -> Click Properties
  • Go to Settings -> Tick in Enable access-based enumeration -> Click OK
  • At the client side User A, you should sign-out to take effect then verify again, you should only see the Accounting folder. User B is versa

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