Visio Stencils: Design rack 36U with Huawei switch, router Cisco, Sophos firewall, UPS DELL, Aten DELL, IBM server, SAN HP and NAS Hitachi


The article describes the design of racks with network devices such as switches, routers, UPS, firewalls, KVM and servers



Rack included:

  • 2 switch Huawei
  • 1 firewall Sophos
  • 1 router Cisco
  • 1 KVM DELL
  • 1 server IBM
  • 1 SAN HP
  • 1 NAS Hitachi
  • 1 UPS Dell


  • Icon of Visio
  • Icon of Sophos
  • Icon of Cisco
  • Icon of DELL
  • Icon of IBM
  • Icon of HP
  • Icon of Hitachi

File Visio

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