Sophos XGS: How to reset password for Admin account on Sophos XGS


The article shows how to reset the password for the admin account on the Sophos XGS firewall device

The article is made on version 18

How to configure

  • Plug the console into the Sophos XGS
  • Use Putty software to connect to the console interface of the device
  • When the screen displays asking for password -> Enter wrong password as you want and display Authentication failed
  • It will continue to ask for a password -> Type reset to access the reset password menu
  • Choose 4. Reset password for admin user ->Enter y to accept
  • After the reset is complete, reboot the device
  • Password is now the default password (admin)

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  1. Hi, I wanted to ask if you want some help in posting Sophos help guides. My MSP runs Sophos for all clients and I also document various settings and setups internally. If you want I could post some here also.

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