Sophos Endpoint: How to using Sophos ZAP Tool to uninstall Endpoint or Server Protection on Windows devices


Sophos ZAP is a cleanup tool that focuses on uninstalling Sophos Endpoint products to restore devices to a clean state.

Sophos ZAP can remove the following installations:

  • HitmanPro Alert (HMPA)
  • HitmanPro (HMP)
  • Sophos Central Endpoint
  • Sophos Central Message Relay
  • Sophos Central Server
  • SEC managed endpoint
  • Sophos Home
  • Sophos Anti-Virus (standalone)
  • Sophos Clean
  • Update Cache
  • Other Sophos standalone products.

How to configure

Disable Tamper Protection

  • Login to Sophos Central by Admin account -> Choose the workstation or server that you want to uninstall Sophos
  • Click Disable Tamper Protection

Download Sophos ZAP Tool

  • Go to the link to register and download Sophos ZAP file
  • Enter your information

Open Command Prompt with Administrator permission

  • Go to the place where saving Sophos Zap by cd command
  • Run the file by SophosZap –confirm command

Reboot the device

  • After rebooting -> Turn on cmd by Administrator permission -> Go to the place where saving Sophos ZAP file -> Run the file one more time

Reboot the device -> Uninstallation process successfully

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