How to deploy firewall rule by SFM

Sophos Firewall Management (SFM) provides powerful centralized management for all your Sophos Firewalls across multiple customers sites or branch offices – all from a single screen. Whether you’re an MSP, Enterprise Network Security Admin, or simply managing a few small offices, SFM simplifies security management enabling consistent enforcement, easy provisioning of new policies, and at-a-glance monitoring of device health. SFM saves you time, money and makes management simpler

Guide to deploying firewall rule by SFM

  • Login in Sophos Firewall Manager (Username: admin && Password: admin)


  • Click System & Monitor -> Manager Devices -> Click Add to add a firewall which you want to manager


  • In Device Name: Write a name
  • In Description: Write Description
  • In Serial Number: Write XG Firewall’s Serial Number
  • In IP/Domain: Write XG Firewall’s IP Wan
  • In Admin Username: Write XG Firewall’s username login
  • In Password: Write XG Firewall’s password login
  • Tick Enable Change Control
  • Click Test Connection


  • If see the error


  • You have to login XG Firewall to enable Central Management
  • System -> Administrator -> Central Management -> On Manage your firewall using
  • Tick Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM) -> Write SFM’s IP Address -> Apply


  • Add successfully -> Click Sync to synchronize with SFM


  • Create Firewall Rule and Deploy to XG Firewall


  • Add new rule


  • Add new Firewall rule normally


  • Click Save -> In Filter Devices -> Choose Device which you want this policy -> Click Save


  • Waiting a few minutes, policy will be deploy to your XG Firewall

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