Guide to installing Sophos Firewall Management on VMWare ESXi

Sophos Firewall Management (SFM) provides powerful centralized management for all your Sophos Firewalls across multiple customers sites or branch offices – all from a single screen. Whether you’re an MSP, Enterprise Network Security Admin, or simply managing a few small offices, SFM simplifies security management enabling consistent enforcement, easy provisioning of new policies, and at-a-glance monitoring of device health. SFM saves you time, money and makes management simpler

Guide to installing SFM

  • Login to VMWare Esxi by root account


  • Click right mouse in Virtual Machine -> Create/Register VM


  • In Select creation type -> Click Create a new virtual machine -> Click Next


  • In Select a name and guest OS

-Name: Import virtual machine’s name is SFM

-Compatibility: Choose ESXi 6.5 virtual machine (depend on VMWare Esxi version)

-Guest OS Family: Choose Linux

-Guest OS Version: Choose Other Linux (64-bit)

->Click Next


  • In Select Storage -> Click Next


  • In Customize Settings -> Choose Add other device -> CD/DVD Drive to add file iso


**Minimum memory is 1 GB

**Minimum hard disk is 64 GB

** In new CD/DVD Drive choose Datastore ISO file


  • Choose file ISO SFM  -> Select


  • In Ready to comple -> Click Finish


  • Click virtual machine which have been installed SFM


  • Import y to install -> Enter


  • Click y to continue -> Enter


  • Click y to reboot -> Enter


  • After reboot -> import password “admin” -> Enter -> Click A to accept


  • Finish install


  • Click 1 to see IP Address -> Enter


  • Click 1 to see -> Enter
  • Config IP to machine can connect to internet to authentication Serial Number


  • Use Web Browser to connect SFM’s graphics interface
  • Import username and password is “admin” -> Login


  • After login -> Import Serial Number (Serial Number in email) -> Activate Device


  • After authentication Serial Number -> Click Start


  • Import parameter


  • Finish

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