Guide to installing Sophos Firewall Management on VMWare ESXi

Introduce Sophos Firewall Management

Sophos Firewall Management (SFM) provides powerful centralized management for all your Sophos Firewalls across multiple customers sites or branch offices – all from a single screen. Whether you’re an MSP, Enterprise Network Security Admin, or simply managing a few small offices, SFM simplifies security management enabling consistent enforcement, easy provisioning of new policies, and at-a-glance monitoring of device health. SFM saves you time, money and makes management simpler

Guide to installing SFM

  • Login to VMWare Esxi by root account


  • Click right mouse in Virtual Machine -> Create/Register VM


  • In Select creation type -> Click Create a new virtual machine -> Click Next


  • In Select a name and guest OS

-Name: Import virtual machine’s name is SFM

-Compatibility: Choose ESXi 6.5 virtual machine (depend on VMWare Esxi version)

-Guest OS Family: Choose Linux

-Guest OS Version: Choose Other Linux (64-bit)

->Click Next


  • In Select Storage -> Click Next


  • In Customize Settings -> Choose Add other device -> CD/DVD Drive to add file iso


**Minimum memory is 1 GB

**Minimum hard disk is 64 GB

** In new CD/DVD Drive choose Datastore ISO file


  • Choose file ISO SFM  -> Select


  • In Ready to comple -> Click Finish


  • Click virtual machine which have been installed SFM


  • Import y to install -> Enter


  • Click y to continue -> Enter


  • Click y to reboot -> Enter


  • After reboot -> import password “admin” -> Enter -> Click A to accept


  • Finish install


  • Click 1 to see IP Address -> Enter


  • Click 1 to see -> Enter
  • Config IP to machine can connect to internet to authentication Serial Number


  • Use Web Browser to connect SFM’s graphics interface
  • Import username and password is “admin” -> Login


  • After login -> Import Serial Number (Serial Number in email) -> Activate Device


  • After authentication Serial Number -> Click Start


  • Import parameter


  • Finish

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