Sophos Central: How to set up Active Directory Sync

Active Directory synchronization allows administrators to implement a service that maps users and group from Active Directory to Sophos Central

Sophos Central AD Sync utility will import the following object from Active Directory:



*Email Address

*Group and the members of each group

*Devices and Group Discovery (Future feature, not yet available)

Setup/install the AD Sync

  • Login to Sophos Central by Admin account
  • If you do not have Sophos Central account, create a Sophos Central account
  • On the Sophos Central Admin, Global Settings -> General Settings -> AD Sync Settings/Status -> Download the installer


  • Save the file and run the Sophos Central AD Sync Utility Setup on AD


  • Click Next to accept End-User License Agreement


  • Click Install to begin the installation


  • Select Launch Sophos Central AD Sync Utility -> Click Finish


  • When finish the installation, open Acive Directory Synchronization Setup -> Sophos Credentials tab -> import your Sophos Central account credentials -> Click Next


  • On tab AD Configuration, specify your Active Directory LDAP server and credentials -> Click Next


  • On tab Sync Schedule, define the times at which the synchronized will be performed


  • To synchronize¬† immediately, Click Preview and Sync


  • Review and Approve Changes and Continue


  • Click Exit once you are done

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