Sophos Firewall: How to integrate Sophos Firewall with Active Directory


  • This article describes the steps to integrate Sophos Firewall with Active Directory (AD) for users authentication and access control.

Determining NetBIOS, Domain Name and Search Queries

  • From Active Directory, go to Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers. Right click the required domain and go to the Properties tab.

  • Search Queries are based on the domain name (DN). In this example, domain name is, so the search query is: dc=sophos, dc=com

Adding AD to Sophos Firewall

  • Go to Authentication > Servers and click Add to configure the Active Directory.

  • Fill Active Directory Parameters to the cells (Please fill your AD Parameters owned, this is just example).

Setting AD as the primary authentication method

  • Go to Authentication > Services, under Firewall Authentication Methods, select the recently added AD server as the primary authentication server.

  • Local server is selected as primary by default. Make sure that the recently added AD server is the first in the Selected Authentication Server list.

Importing AD groups

  • Go to Authentication > Servers and click onicon to launch the wizard.

  • Enter the Base DN. In this example the Base DN is: dc=sophos, dc=com (Please enter your Base DN owned).

  • Select the OUs and groups to be imported in Sophos Firewall.

  • Optionally, select common policies to attach to the selected groups.

  • Review the settings.

  • The Wizard has imported the selected groups into Sophos Firewall and added them to the bottom of the groups list.

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