Sophos Mobile: How to config Antivirus function on Sophos Central

Sophos Mobile Control is a mobile device management solution for smartphones and tablets. It
allows configuration and software distribution as well as security settings and many other device
management operations on mobile devices. The Sophos Mobile Control system consists of a
server and a client component which communicate through data connections.

Sophos Mobile Control secures corporate data on your mobile device and ensures that your
device is compliant with the corporate policy that applies in your company.

With the Sophos Mobile Control Self Service Portal you can register your mobile device with
Sophos Mobile Control. In addition, you can remotely locate, lock or wipe your device and reset
your password/passcode without having to contact the helpdesk

Guide to configuring Antivirus on Sophos Central

  • Login to Sophos Central by Admin account
  • If you do not have an Admin account, create a Sophos Central account
  • Mobile -> Profiles, Policies -> Click Create -> Mobile Security policy


  • Import Name and Click Add configuration


  • Choose Antivirus -> Click Next


  • Choose policy which you would like -> Click Apply -> Click Save


  • MANAGE -> Devices -> Choose  device which you want to apply that policy


  • Choose Policies -> Click Assign policy


  • Choose Policy and Click Add


  • Finish

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