Sophos XG Firewall – How to block Ultrasurf!


  • Ultrasurf is a sofware that allow users to pass control over the website of the firewall.
  • I’m sure that you don’t want to see my employees successfully access the banned website by this sofware.
  • So this tutorial will help to you block ultrasurf by Sophos XG Firewall.


  • Click Application on the left side -> Appliction Filter -> click Add to add new Policy.

  • Enter the parameters such as Name, Description, Template. Click Save to Finish.

  • Click the pencil icon on the right hand side of the rule created to config rule.

  • Click Add to add sofware that we need blocking.
  • Click Select Individual Application, in Category Select “Proxy And Tunnel”, in Risk select “Very High”, in Characteristics select “Can bypass firew”, in Technology select Client Server.

  • Use the scroll bar, drag down and select Ultrasurf Proxy, click Save to save rule.


  • For this application rule is take effect, we have to add this rule in Firewall rule.
  • Click Firewall on the right hand, click Add Firewall Rule -> selection User/Network Rule.

  • Enter the parameter in the box as follow.

  • Click Save to Save Rule.
  • Hope you will successfully implement through this tutorial.
  • Thanks for watching.


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