Sophos XG Firewall: How to configure RDP Bookmarks with Clientless Access VPN


  • This article describe the steps to configure RDP Bookmarks with Clientless Access VPN (HTML5).

Bookmark creation

  • Go to VPN -> Bookmarks and then click Add.
  • For the Type field, choose RDP.
  • The URL field should be the IP address of the workstation or server that will be accessed via RDP session.
  • Click Save.

Clientless Access VPN creation

  • Go to VPN -> Clientless Access, click Add and then enter the parameter as shown below.

  • Click Apply.

Accessing the RDP Bookmark

  • Login to the User Portal using the login credentials of the user that is allowed to use the RDP Bookmark.
  • Click on SSL VPN. The created RDP Bookmark is displayed under Clientless Access Connections section.

  • Click on the RDP Bookmark that was created. It will then direct you to the RDP session for the configured workstation or server.
  • Note: You must be allowed Remote Desktop service on Workstation or Server to use RDP Bookmarks.


  • You will successfully access your workstation or server by HTML via RDP.

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