How to login computer by BitLocker Recovery when you forget your bitlocker password.


  • In this article, we will simulate a user forgetting their BitLocker password and perform BitLocker Recovery.

Network Diagram


On DC-SafeGuard Server

  • Open SafeGuard Management Center, click Tools > Recovery.
  • Select the Domain drop-down and then select trungnghia.local.
  • Enter CLIENT1 in the “Computer” field and click Next, then click Next again.
  • Select Copy to clipboard.

On Client1

  • When prompted for the “Bitlocker drive encryption” password, press ESC.
  • Fill in BitLocker recovery key in SafeGuard Server in the blank.
  • So you can access your computer.
  • For change BitLocker password, right-click your drive encrypted and choose Manage BitLocker.
  • Choose Change Password.
  • Click Reset a forgetten password.
  • Enter new password and click Finish.

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