How to config automatic encryption application base on Sophos SafeGuard.


  • In this article, we will configure features automatic encryption by Sophos SafeGuard.


  • We will configure automatic encyption application-base on Client1-2-3.


On DC- SafeGuard Server

  • Open SafeGuard Management Center, click Polices.
  • Right-click Policy Items > New > File Encryption.
  • Name the Policy Auto Encrypt.
  • In File Encryption pane, select Encryption type as Application-based(Synchronized Encryption).
  • Select Application List as Template.
  • Select Application Scope as Everywhere.
  • In Initial encryption, choose Yes.
  • Click Save to Save this Policy.
  • This policy will automatically encrypt files created from the specified applications.
  • Too see the list of designed applications click Policies > Application List > Template
  • I want to automatic encryption Notepad file but it’s not on the list. I will add it to the list.
  • Right-click in Windows pane > New > Application group.
  • Name Group is Notepad.
  • Application Name is Notepad.
  • In Process Location, we will in the path of Notepad sofware.
  • in File Extention, fill in txt
  • Continue to click Users and Computer > trungnghia.local.
  • Choose Polices Lab.
  • Drag and drop Auto Encrypt from Available Policies pane to Member pane and click Save.

On Client 1

  • Double click on SafeGuard tray icon to start another synchronization task.
  • On Desktop, right-click > New > Microsoft Word Document.
  • Right click again > New > New Text Document.
  • As seen, the created files has been encrypted.

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