How to encrypted external file sharing using Sophos Password Protect


  • In this article we will perform external file sharing using Sophos Password Protect which SafeGuard’s HTML5 encryption feature.

Network Diagram and Scenario.

  • We will create word file and encrypt it using Sophos Password Protect on Client 1(user Micheal).
  • Then we share it cho client 2 (user Vincent).
  • Client 2 (user Vincent) must have a password to open the file.


On Client 1 (user Micheal)

  • Right-click on Desktop > New > New Text Document.
  • Open New Text Document and enter a few character then click Save.
  • Close New Text Document.
  • Right-click on New Text Document > SafeGuard File Encryption > Create password protected file.
  • Password protected the file board appears
  • Enter your password in the Password and Confirm Password box.
  • Click Password Protect.
  • Note that the password protected file is created in the same location as the source file,in this case on the Dekstop.
  • Also note that the name of the file with extension becomes the encrypted file’s name, in this case it becomes New Text Document_txt.html.
  • Share New Text Document_txt.html for Client 2 (user Vincent).

On Client 2 (user Vincent)

  • Open New Text Document_txt.html that Client 1 has just shared.
  • Browser will open and display the SafeGuard HTML 5 Encryption page.
  • If you want to open file, you must enter password.
  • Then click Enter and click Open to read file and Save to Save file.

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