Sophos SafeGuard: How to configure prevent users uninstall Sophos SafeGuard


To provide extra protection for endpoints, we recommend that you prevent local uninstallation of SafeGuard Enterprise endpoints. In a Specific Machine Settings policy, set Uninstallation allowed to No and deploy the policy on the endpoint. Uninstallation atempts are then cancelled and the unauthorized are logged

How to config

  • On Sophos SafeGuard Server
  • Login to SafeGuard Sever by MSO account
  • Choose (Default) Specific Machine Settings

  • In Installation -> Uninstallation allowed -> Choose No -> Click Save

  • Apply (Default) Specific Machine Settings to user
  • Choose User -> click Policies -> Drap and drop Specific Machine Settings to main panel -> Click Save

  • In SafeGuard Client -> users cannot uninstall SafeGuard Client

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