How to create a unencrypt folder for client on Sophos SafeGuard

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  • In this article, we will create a policy allow to that folder not encrypted.


  • We will provide users with folders that will not be encrypted.


On DC – SafeGuard Server

  • Open SafeGuard Management Center and enter your password to login.
  • Click Policies > Policy Items.
  • Right-click Policy Items > New > File Encryption.
  • Name the policy Unencrypt.
  • In the ‘File Encryption’ pane in the “path” column select the field below “Everywhere” and type Unencrypted.
  • In the same row in which you have type ‘Unencrypted’, in the ‘Mode’ column select the word Encryp, and in the drop-down options that appears select Exclude.
  • Select the Save icon.
  • To apply policy click Users and Computer.
  • Click > Policies tab.
  • Drag and Drop Unencrypt policy from Available Policies pane to Policies pane.

On Client

  • Double-click SafeGuard icon.
  • On the Desktop, right-click and select New > Folder
  • Name the folder Unencrypted.
  • Open Unencrypted folder.
  • Right-click select New > Microsoft Word Document.
  • Right-click New Microsoft Word Document and select SafeGuard File Encryption.
  • As shown, the file into the Unencrypted folder not encrypted.

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