Sophos XG Firewall: How to configure a wireless network


This article covers enabling wireless protection, adding a wireless network and adding an AP on a Sophos Firewall.

How to configure the network

  1. Enable Wireless Protection and configure Wireless Setting.
  • Go to Protect -> Wireless -> Wireless Setting -> Enable Wireless Protection and specify the parameters as shown below.
    • Enable Wireless Protection: Toggle the switch on to enable Wireless Protection. Click Apply.
    • Allowed Zone: DMZ, WiFi or LAN. Select the network zones that will be used to connect the access points.
    • Timeout (in minutes): 5.  Enter a number for the timeout notification. The AP is inactive when the timeout is reached.

2.Add the Wireless Network.

  • Go to Protect -> Wireless -> Wireless Network and click Add. Specify the paramaters as shown below.
    • Name: Enter a name for the network.
    • SSID : Enter the Service Set Identifier (SSID) for the network which will be seen by the client.
    • Security Mode: Select a security mode.
    • Passphrase/PSK: Enter the passphrase to protect the wireless network from unauthorised access and repeat it in the next field.
    • Client traffic: Select a method that will determine how the wireless network is integrated with your local network.

3.Add the Access Point.

  • Go to Wireless > Access Points.The page displays a list of Active/Inactive/Pending Access Points.
    Unauthorized Access Points connected to the system display under the Pending Access Points section.

  • Click the   icon to authorize the Access Point. The authorized access point will display on the Active/Inactive Access Points section as Active.

4.Assigning the Wireless Network to the Access Point (AP)

  • Click on the Active AP link or the Edit icon under Manage Column to assign a Wireless Network to the AP.
  • Select the Wireless Network that you created in Step 2. Specify the parameters as shown below:
    • Country: Select the country where the AP is located.
    • Wireless Networks: Select the wireless network that you want to assign to the AP.


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