Sophos XG FIrewall: How to customize Hotspot Vouchers


  • This article provides the configuration steps needed to customize the voucher for your configured hotspots.

Create a voucher definition

  • Go to Wireless -> Hotspots Voucher Definition.
  • Click Add.
  • Enter the parameter as shown below.
  • Note: You can use one of the default vouchers. If so, skip to the next section Add the voucher to a hotspot.

  • Click Save to finish creating the voucher.

Add the voucher to a hotspot and upload the custom voucher template

  • Go to Wireless -> Hotspots.
  • Click Add or Edit an existing hotspot.
  • Click the Hotspot type drop-down list and select Voucher.
  • In the Voucher Definitions filed, click Add New Item.
  • Select the voucher that you created or one of the default vouchers, and then click Apply selected items.

  • Under Hotspot Customization, switch the Enable Customization radio button to On.
  • Next to Voucher Template, click the Choose File button. Select your custom voucher template PDF.

  • Click Save to finish creating your custom voucher.
  • Note: With the hotspot type Voucher the user won´t be redirected automatically after the login


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