Sophos XG Firewall: How to configure Routing Information Protocol (RIP)


  • This articles describes how to configure RIP in the Sophos XG Firewall.

Scenario and Diagram:

  • Configure RIP routing between two Sophos XG Firewalls. The configuration steps will be similar for both XG Firewalls.

Configuring On XG 1 and XG 2

  • You must be logged on to the Web Admin Console as an administrator with Read-Write permission for the relevant feature(s).
  • Select RIP Version.
    • Go to Routing -> RIP. Under Global Configuration, select V2 for the RIP Version and click Apply.

  • Add networks to be advertised
    • Under RIP Networks section, click Add. This is where the networks that will participate in RIP routing will be added.
    • Enter XG 1’s and XG2’s IP Network (LAN &WAN) as shown below.

XG 1

XG 2

  • Enable authentication (Optional) on XG 1 and XG 2
  • To enable authentication for RIP updates:
    • Under Override Interface Configuration section, click Select Interface.
    • Specify the interface through which the RIP updates are to be exchanged.
    • Click Enable for Authentication and specify the Password.
    • Click Save.

  • Allow Dynamic Routing on XG 1 and XG 2
    • Go to Administration > Device Access. Under Local Service ACL section, enable Dynamic Routing for the required zones for your network. For this example, it is enabled for WAN. Click Apply.

Verify RIP configuration

  • To verify the RIP configuration, go to Routing > Information. Under RIP section, click on Routes or Status.
  • The images below shows the routes and status for XG1. The networks of XG2 appears in the routing table of XG1.

  • The images below shows the routes and status for XG2. The networks of XG1 appears in the routing table of XG2.

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