Sophos SafeGuard: How to create a Task Scheduler on SafeGuard Management Center

The SafeGuard Management Center offers the Task Scheduler to create and schedule periodic tasks based on scripts. The tasks are automatically run by a service on the SafeGuard Enterprise Server to execute the scripts specified

How to config

  • Login to Sophos SafeGuard Server by Admin account
  • Choose Tools -> Task Scheduler
  • Click Create button -> The New task dialog is displayed
  • In the Name field, enter a Task name
  • In the drop-down list of the SGN Server, select the server the task should run on (If you select None, the task is not executed)
  • Click Import button -> Choose a Script which you want
  • In the Start Time, specify when the task should be run on the selected server
  • In Recurrence, specify how often the task should be run on the selected server
    • To run the task once, select One time and specify the required Date
    • To run the task daily, select Daily followed by Everyday (including Saturday and Sunday) or Every weekday (Monday – Friday)
    • To run the task weekly, select Weekly and specify the required day of the week
    • To run the task monthly, select Monthly and specify the required day of the month in a range from 1 to 31
    • To run the task at the end of each month, select Last from the drop-down list

-> Click OK

*If you do not see the name of server in SGN Server

  • Tools -> Configuration Package Tools
  • Make sure the server have tick in Scripting allowed -> click Close

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