Sophos XG Firewall : How to perform a DNS lookup


  • This article describes the steps to how to perform DNS lookup on the Sophos XG Firewall.

How to perform a name server lookup

  • You can perform a lookup for the server name in Sophos Firewall from Diagnostics, DNS Settings, and the Command Line (CLI).

Look up on Diagnostics

  • Go to Diagnostics > Tool.
  • In the Name Lookup section enter the IP address or Host name and select the DNS Server IP address. Sophos firewall will use DNS Server IP here to perform DNS lookup.
  • Click Name Lookup and a dialog box with Name Lookup Results will display. You can hover over the results to see IP details as shown below:

DNS Settings

  • You can perform a Name Lookup from the Sophos Firewall’s DNS Settings by the following way.
  • Go to Network > DNS.
  • Select Static DNS option.
  • Click Test Name Lookup, the next window has the IP Address / Server Name displayed.
  • Enter the website name and click Test Connection as shown below.
  • You can hover over the results to see the IP address details

Command Line

  • You can perform Lookup name from CLI of Sophos Firewall by following the steps below.
  • Login Command Line with SSH.
  • Select the fourth option Device Console and press Enter.
  • Run the line “dnslookup host <Hostname>” to lookup.

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