Visio Stencils: Basic network diagram with HP Server


This article gives you a complete basic network diagram, with systems using firewall and HP server systems for services such as Web, Mail, App, AD, File, etc. through Visio drawings



Network system includes 5 partitions: LAN, WAN, DMZ, Wireless, VPN

The device helps ensure safety for the internal system and Server system

HP Server system is used to build services for both internal and public systems such as Web Server, Mail Server, App Server, AD, File Server, Database, …

Function of firewall

  • Load Balancing for enterprise system using multiple WAN lines
  • Prevention of instrusion from the outside with IPS
  • Anti-denial service attack DDOS
  • It is a transfer of VPN connection between client and site or site and site
  • Protecting network layer Server and LAN layer
  • Implement Web Filtering and App Control for internal systems in accordance with company policies
  • Perform user authentication and user control
  • Anti-virus coding


File Visio

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