Windows Server: How to configure WSUS function on Windows Server 2012


Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is an effective solution for businesses in system update issues. WSUS offers a solution to this problem, WSUS server will download updates to provide back to the workstations. You will no longer have to worry about bandwidth

How to configure

Step 1: Install WSUS

  • Log in to Windows Server by Admin account
  • Server Manager -> Add roles and features -> Windows Server Update Services
  • Click Add Features -> Click Next
  • Click Next to continue
  • Enter the path where WSUS updates are stored
  • In Role Services, choose Next to continue
  • Confirm the installation and select Install to start the installation

Step 2: Configure WSUS

  • After successful installation, open WSUS
  • Choose Run -> Click Close
  • Tools -> Windows Server Update Services
  • Click Next
  • Choose Synchronize from Microsoft Update -> Click Next
  • In Specify Proxy Server, select if you use Proxy Server, otherwise uncheck and click Next to continue
  • Choose Start Connecting
  • Select the language for the updates
  • Select the content you want to update, here for basic users, choose updates for Office and Windows
  • Choose specific classifications for each update content
  • Choose the timing of synchronizing, there are 2 ways to synchronize manually and automatically according to the set time
  • Click Next and Finish

Step 3: Create policy allow user’s computer to automatically download and install updates

  • Group Policy Management -> Create a policy -> Edit this policy -> Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates: Policy Definations (ADMX file retrieved from local machine) -> Windows Components -> Windows Update -> right mouse choose Edit in Configure Automatic Updates
  • Choose Enabled -> Click OK
  • Right mouse choose Edit in Specify internet Microsoft update service location
  • Choose Enabled -> Enter WSUS Server’s IP -> Click OK
  • Run -> Enter gpupdate /force to enforce policy immediately

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