Sophos XG Firewall: How to reset the admin password


  • This article provides information on how to reset the admin password on the Sophos XG Firewall.


Via SFLoader

  • Connect the console cable and access it using putty or hyper terminal.
  • Then reboot device as below.
  • Press Enter on device.
  • Select 3.Firmware Menu.
  • Select 4.Reboot.
  • Press and hold Enter at the time of boot up, until the SF loader shows up as below and then type 0 and press Enter:
  • In the Options Menu, choose 2: Troubleshoot, as shown below:
  • In the Troubleshoot Menu, choose 1: Reset console password, as shown below:
  • The admin password is then reset to the default password : admin

Via Console (SFOS 17.5)

  • Access the appliance via console. During the Password : prompt, type RESET as the password.
  • Select 4.Reset for the admin user.
  • Type y and then press Enter to reset the admin password to factory default.

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