How to implement exchange 2016 on windows server 2016 Part 2


  • This article will show you how to create Send connector, Database Mailbox, User and Distributed Group to be able to send emails internally .


  • In diagram, we have 1 modern run PPPoE, 1 Sophos XG Firewall with IP WAN, IP LAN, 1 Server with IP and local computer.
  • Server and local computer also in LAN area.

Configuring On MailServer

Create Send Connector

  • To open Exchange Administrative Centrer, you can press Windows button > Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Folder > Exchange Administrative Center or open other brwoser enter link https://localhost/ecp.
  • The IE browser appear, click Continue to this website (Not recommend) to access Exchange Admin Center.
  • Login by administrator account, in this example we login by TRUNGNGHIA\Administrator account.
  • Next to click mail flow > send connector > icon “+” to create Send Connector.
  • Send Connect tab appear, enter Send to All in *Name box and select Custom (For example to send email to other non Exchange servers).
  • Click Next.
  • Select MX record associated with recipient domain and click Next.
  • Click icon “+” tab Address Space appear, fill the paremeter as shown below, click Save > Next.
  • Click icon “+” tab Select a Server appear, choose MAIL > add > OK and then click Finish.
  • The Send Connector is created.

Edit Email Address Policy

  • Please note in the Email Adress Policy section. By default the system will retrieve the domain name – your username is the email address, you can re-specify the company’s policy such as Email Adress is the name @domainname or you can use another domain name.
  • Click mail flow > email address policies > choose Default Policy > click icon pencil to edit.
  • Tab Email Address Policies appear, go to email address format > choose Address Format that you want > click icon pencil to Edit.
  • We can choose email address format that we want or specific it in Enter a custom address type box.
  • In addition, we can use another domain by clicking Specify a custom domain name for the email address and enter domain name in box.
  • Click Save twice and click Apply > Yes to Apply.

Create Database Mailbox

  • By default the system will create a Mailbox Database with random names, we need to plan the user to Databse by name to facilitate later management, the following operations
  • Go to Server > Datebase > icon “+” to create new database.
  • Tab Database appear, fill the paremeter as shown below.
  • Because we don’t use default datebase so we don’t mount it as shown below.
  • Choose Maibox Database > click icon “…” and choose Dismount.
  • Choose Mailbox Database > click icon pencil.
  • Mailbox Database windows appear, go to maintenance and check Don’t mount this database at startup and then click Save.
  • Please note that the default Database installed should only be Dismount, if you want to delete it completely, you need some actions to avoid affecting the system.

Create User

  • To create user go to Recipients > mailbox > click icon “+” > User mailbox.
  • Tab User Mailbox appear, enter Alias.
  • If we want to create user mailbox from user domain, we click Existing user > Browse and select user that you want.
  • If we want to create new user, we click new user and fill the nesscesary paremeters.
  • In this example, we created 2 new users is Adam Johnson ( and John Smith (

Create Distributed Group

  • We create distributed group to contain all user.
  • To do this we go to Recipient > Group > click icon “+” > Distribution Group.
  • Tab New Distributed Group appear, fill in nesscesary parameters as shown below.

Send email to check

  • We log into 2 newly created email accounts to check.
  • Login on adam user and send email to john.
  • Create new email by click New, click To and enter John, choose it and click Save.
  • Enter in Subject and content , then click Send.
  • Do the same with your existing account.
  • Go to Inbox of 2 account and check email.

So through this article i showed you how to create send connector, create database, create user mailbox, distribute group and send email in local.

I hope this article can help you, thank for watching !

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