How to implement exchange 2016 on windows server 2016 Part 6


  • In the previous article, i showed you how to configure Rule and necessary NAT port to on Sophos Firewall and Modern so that external users (gmail, yahoo mail…) can send mail to the Mail Server.
  • In this article, i show you how to configure send connector with Sophos Central smarthost to be able to send email out of internet.


  • In diagram, we have 1 modern run PPPoE, 1 Sophos XG Firewall with IP WAN, IP LAN, 1 Server with IP and local computer.
  • Server and local computer also in LAN area.


  • I encountered a problem after trying to send an email from MailServer to Gmail, Google rejected my message.
  • Since I use dynamic IP public (not Static IP), it is very possible that this IP is in the blacklist and google has blocked it.
  • I will use Email Gateway feature of Sophos Central to send email to Gmail.

Configuring on Sophos Central

  • We have to register 1 trial Sophos Central account.
  • To register Sophos Central account, you can see at here.
  • After registering Sophos Central account, login and go to Email Gateway > Settings > Domain Settings/ Status > Add domain.
  • Add domain windows appear, fill in domain name in Email Domain and then click Verify Domain Ownership.
  • Verify Domain Ownership windows appear, you need to create TXT record in Domain name internet that you bought and then back to Sophos Central click Verify.
  • In CONFIGURE DOMAIN, we fill in the parameters as shown below.
  • Click Save to Finish.
  • Next to click Configure External Dependencies, Configure External Dependencies panel appear, click Outbound Setting and copy it.
  • Next to click Mailbox, Create a user mailbox that matches the user mailbox in Exchange Server.

Configuring on Exchange Server

  • Login on Exchange Admin Center, go to mail flow > send connector > double-click on previous created send connector.
  • Next to click Delivery > check Route mail through smart hosts > click icon “+” > fill in the parameters that we copy in Outbound Settings > click Save 2 times.


  • Finally, we use user mailbox to send email to gmail account.
  • Open gmail and check mail box.
  • In Sophos Central, go to Email Gateway > Logs & Reports > Message History to check history.

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