Visio Stencils Design rack with Cisco router, Fortinet switch, Palo Alto firewall, UPS DELL, DELL KVM and HPE server, Hitachi NAS


  • The article describes the design of racks with network devices such as switches, routers, UPS, firewalls, KVM and servers



Rack Included

  • Router Cisco 7600-ES+20G3CXL
  • Firewall Palo Alto PA-220
  • Switch Fortinet FSW-224D-POE
  • DELL KVM FPM 185
  • HPe Server ML350
  • UPS DELL 5600R EBM


  • Icon of Visio
  • Icon of Cisco
  • Icon of DELL
  • Icon of Palo Alto
  • Icon of HITACHI
  • Icon of HPE
  • Icon of Fortinet

File Visio & Icon

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