Office 365: How to use Microsoft PowerApps of Office 365


PowerApps is a new platform to create a mobile app for businesses that can be built in minutes without coding

Using PowerApps, you can quickly create custom business applications that connect to your business data stored in a basic data platform (Common Data Services) or in live data sources. Different routes and locations, such as SharePoint, Excel, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and SQL Server

How to use

  • Login to Office 365 by your Office 365 account
  • Choose PowerApps
  • Choose Create -> choose mode which you want
  • Enter app name -> choose format -> click Create
  • Change layout
  • Choose BrowseGallery1
  • Select Accounts to open the Data pane
  • Open the options list in Layout
  • Choose a title layout
  • Change the sort and search column
  • Check sort and search
  • Open Preview by pressing F5 (or by selecting the play button near the upper right corner)
  • Select the Sort icon one or more times to change the sort order in alphabetical order between ascending and descending
  • Search
  • Change the screen title
  • Show scroll bar
  • Select Show scroll bar and confirm that the value of that property has changed to true

** You can edit the application according to your usage needs

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