Sophos XG: How to configure Web Filtering on firmware version 18


How to configure

  • Login to Sophos XG by Admin account
  • PROTECT -> Web
  • Choose URL groups -> Click Add
  • Enter URL group name
  • Enter domain names which you want to apply policy -> Click +

-> Click Save

  • Back to tab Policies -> Click Add Policy
  • Enter Name
  • Click Add rule
  • In Activities, choose URL group was created before
  • In Action, choose block HTTP and HTTPS
  • In Status, choose ON
  • You can choose Enforce SafeSearch and Enfore YouTube restrictions if you want

-> Click Save -> Choose Skip this step

  • PROTECT -> Choose Rules and policies -> Click Add firewall rule
  • Enter Rule name
  • In Rule position: Choose Top
  • In Rule group: Choose None
  • Tick in Log firewall traffic
  • In Source zones: Choose LAN or Any
  • In Source networks and devices: Choose Any
  • In Destination zones: Choose Any
  • In Destination networks: Choose Any
  • In Web policy: Choose Policy which was created before

-> Click Save

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