Sophos XG: How to add user to group using API on Sophos XG


How to configure

  • Login to Sophos XG by Admin account
  • Authentication -> User -> Click Add user to create a new user for the API call (that user type will need to be Administrator and require read/write permissions)
  • Check user have read/write permissions
  • Click Profile
  • Backup & Firmware -> API -> Choose Enabled -> input the IP addresses you will make the call from in the Allowed IP Address field -> Click Apply
  • This IP addresses which add in API needs to be in a zone that has access to the HTTPS Admin Services
  • Down load API Help form Sophos
  • Open index.html file
  • Write file script GET USER
  • On index.html -> choose Authentication -> Click User -> Click Add User
  • Copy all script to create a file script ADD USER
  • Copy all script and copy in the search box in chrome or firefox -> Click Enter
  • Add successful

** The table check error

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