How to use Sophos Home Premium

I. How to register and download Sophos Home Premium software

  • Choose Create account
  • Enter all your information -> Click Create account -> When you finish register, you will recieve an email -> You go to the email to accept the register successful
  • Log in to manager dashboard

II. How to install Sophos Home Premium for workstation

  • After log in to Cloud management -> Choose Add Device
  • Click Install to download software installation file
  • Double-click to Sophos Home Premium downloaded file
  • Choose Install
  • Wait to installation finish -> Click Finish
  • After scanning your workstation to ensure your computer is safe

III. How to configure Web Filtering feature

  • Configure Web Filtering for the computer you want
  • We have ALLOW, WARN, BLOCK
  • Ex: Here I will prevent user access to adult website -> Choose BLOCK
  • Check
  • In Cloud management have computer’s activities

IV. How to create schedule automatic scanning for workstation

  • PROTECTION -> General -> Enabled Schedule Scan feature -> Choose time and date which you want to automatic scan
  • You can custom prevent the software from scanning folders that you do not want to scan in the Exceptions section

V. How to configure Web Protection feature

  • PROTECTION -> Web -> Web Protection
  • You can custom the websites which you want Sophos Home Premium will not block you access to

VI. How to configure disable some apps

  • PROTECTION -> Exploits -> Click Show application -> Disable apps which you want
  • You can turn off the alert about apps index

VII. How to uninstall Sophos Home Premium software

  • To uninstall -> Turn off Temper Protection -> Click Troubleshooting
  • Turn off Temper Protection -> After that you can uninstall the software

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