How to configure monitor HP Server iLO using Zabbix


The article is a tutorial that configures HP server parameters monitoring tools via iLO using SNMP protocol on Zabbix


The article is configured according to the following diagram:

How to configure

  • Login to HP Server iLO
  • Config SNMP in iLO -> On Administration -> Management -> SNMP Settings -> On Read Community: Enter the key to connect between HP server and Zabbix server -> Click Apply
  • On Zabbix server
  • Declare Read Community SNMP to verify that Zabbix server and iLO are connected to each other
  • Login Web interface of Zabbix server
  • On Configuration -> Click Hosts -> Click Create host
  • In Hostname: Enter hostname
  • In Groups: Choose Linux servers
  • In SNMP interfaces: Enter IP of iLO
  • On Templates -> Choose Template OS Linux SNMPv2
  • On Macros -> Enter {$SNMP_COMMUNITY} => public (public is Read Community on iLO)
  • When add host successfully -> Wait to check the result

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