How to configure monitor DELL Server iDRAC using Zabbix


The article is tutorial that configures DELL server parameters monitoring tools via iDRAC using SNMP protocol on Zabbix


The article is configured according to the following diagram:

How to configure

Configure on DELL Server

  • Login to DELL Server iDRAC
  • On iDRAC Settings -> Choose Network -> Choose Services -> On SNMP Community Name: Enter key connection between Zabbix server and DELL server

Configure on Zabbix Server

  • Install tool on Zabbix Server and check Zabbix Server is retrieving the server data

yum install net-snmp net-snmp-utils -y
snmpwalk -v2c -c public

  • Access web interface of Zabbix Server
  • On Configuration -> Click Hosts -> Click Create host
  • In Host name: Enter hostname
  • In Groups: Choose Linux servers
  • In SNMP Interfaces: Enter IP of DELL Server
  • In Templates -> Choose Template OS Linux SNMPv2 -> Click Add
  • On Macros -> Enter {$SNMP_COMMUNITY} => public (public is key on iDRAC)
  • Add host successfully and check the result

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