Harmony Endpoint Instructions For Configuring Installation By GPO On Windows Server

Harmony endpoint

1 Purpose of the article

In this article, we would like to introduce to you how to install Harmony Endpoint antivirus software to user computers using Group Policy on Windows Server, with this installation you can save a lot of time.

2 Diagram

Hamony server is Checkpoint’s cloud management system. We can push policies down to the Endpoints as well as create and manage Endpoint rules here.

Ad is Winserver 2016 here has the role of deploying the installation package to clients via GPO.

3 Configuration

3.1 Harmony server

We download the Tiny Agent installation package. This is a .exe installation package, we will convert it to .msi to deploy on gpo

Proceed to the portal page of the Harmony server. In the top left corner, we choose Harmony Endpoint

To allow the endpoint to run in the background on the client. We go to the policy section on the left corner. Select Client Settings. In the Installation & Upgrade section, uncheck the box Enable the user to postpone client installation or upgrade. Then click save and click Install Policy to update that policy.

Next on the right hand side is the selection of additional packages and versions in the endpoint. Then press install policy

Select Download Endpoint in the upper corner of the screen

The following table appears, we choose the version of windows and download it to winserver

After getting the .exe installation file, we proceed to export it to .msi. Open cmd, access the directory containing the .exe file and execute the command: start EndpointSetup.exe /CreateMSI.

We get the .msi installation file named as follows

3.2 Windows server

We proceed to create a shared folder and save the .msi installation file earlier in it so that the client machines can access it.

Create a policy to automatically install endpoints for clients

Select the network path of the msi file earlier

Proceed to gpupdate /force. The installation process requires internet at the endpoint to download software packages. We wait about 15 minutes for the software to download and install

We check the results on the Harmony endpoint portal page and on the client machine

So we have completed the installation.

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