Raid Disk monitoring on Xenserver

Hey guys, are you looking for on how to keep track your Xenserver status of Raid Disk and want to make it in a daily checking and alerting by send email? Take it easy, let follow this short tip.


My system:

  • Xenserver 6.2
  • Server Raid M5110
  • Raid 1

To begin you must to know at least basic CentOS command.

Install and enable ssmtp on your Server

First, We need to download the mailx from CentOS repository then install it by doing some command below:

Once it done, go to edit ssmtp.conf:

Edit and un-comment line, I’m added

The configuration for ssmtp almost done, let do a simple test send mail by:

How to call your Raid adapter information?

You need to install the Megacli utility, this tool will call information about the Raid adapter. Megacli Cheat I’ll mention in other post.

Download the Megacli utility and copy to your server

This package included 2 files: Lib_Utils-1.00-09.noarch.rpm and MegaCli-8.04.10-1.noarch.rpm

Follow the command below to install the Megacli:

It’ll be installed to:

Create a shell script and put it to cron job for daily checking.

I’m put the running script in /var/script/ and place the name and also create emailmessage.txt with blank content.

Create cron job for daily check:

It’ll check every 20 mins and only send mail if it degraded.

Hope it help.

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