Sophos Mobile: How to config Single sign-on function on iOS devices

With the Single sign-on configuration you define settings for a single sign-on third-party apps

Guide to config

  • Login to Sophos Central by Admin account
  • If you do not have an Admin account, create a Sophos Central account
  • Mobile -> CONFIGURE -> Profiles,policies -> iOS -> Create -> Device profile


  • Enter Name -> click Add configuration


  • Choose Single sign-on -> click Next


  • Name: A human-readable name for the account
  • Kerberos principal name: The Kerberos principal name. If you do not enter a value, the user must enter the name during profile installation
  • Realm: The Kerberos realm name. You must enter the name in upper-case
  • URLs: A list of URL prefixes that  must be matched to use the account for Kerberos authentication over HTTP. Value must begin with http:// or https:// . If a value doesn’t end with /, the / is added by Sophos Mobile
  • App identifiers: A list of bundles IDs of apps. Values must be either exact matches (e.g. com.sophos.smsec), or prefixes, using the characters .* at the end of the string (e.g. com.sophos.*)

-> Click Apply -> click Save


  • MANAGE -> Devices -> choose device which you want to apply that policy


  • Choose Profiles -> click Install profile


  • Choose profile -> click OK

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