Sophos Mobile: How to manage corporate documents using iOS Sophos container policy

With the Corporate Documents configuration you define settings for the Corporate Documents feature of the Sophos Secure Workspace app

Guide to config

  • Login to Sophos Central by Admin account
  • If you do not an Admin account, create a Sophos Central account
  • Mobile -> CONFIGURE -> Profiles, policies -> iOS -> Create -> Sophos container policy


  • Enter Name -> click Add configuration


  • Choose Corporate Documents -> click Next


  • Enable: The storage provider is available in the app
  • Offline: Users are allowed to add files from the storage provider to the app’s Favorite list for offline use
  • Open in (encrypted): Users can share encrypted files with other apps via Open In
  • Open in (unencrypted): Users can share unencrypted files with other app via Open In
  • Clipboard: Users can copy parts of a document and paste them into other apps


  • Enable Documents: This turns on the Documents feature to securely distribute company documents
  • Passphrase complexity: The required minimum complexity of passphrases for encrypted keys. More secure passphrases are always allowed
  • Advanced settings: Only configure these settings if instructed by Sophos Support

-> Click Apply


  • MANAGE -> Devices -> choose device which you want to apply that policy


  • Choose Policies -> click Assign policy


  • Click Sophos container policy -> choose policy -> click Add

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