Sophos XG: Guide installation new OS for Firewall XG by USB Boot

How to config

  • Prepare a USB Boot with 8 GB capacity
  • Access website
  • Log on with Sophos account
  • Choose Network Protection
  • Choose Download Installers
  • In Hardware Installers -> Firewall OS for XG Series -> Choose Download
  • Tick in I accept the Sophos End User License Agreement and acknowledge the Sophos Privacy Policy -> Click Submit
  • Download and install rufus to create USB Boot
  • Plug in USB and select Device -> Click Select to get the downloaded OS file from the previous -> Click Start
  • Choose Write in DD Image mode -> Click OK -> Click OK
  • After you have completed creating USB Boot, plug in the USB port on the Sophos XG device and reboot the XG -> Wait about 10 – 15 minutes, the OS installation process is completely automatic
  • After you have finished installing the OS, unplug the USB and reboot again -> Complete the installation of a new OS for the Sophos XG device

** If you have difficulty configuring Sophos products in Vietnam, please contact us


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